Our English classes consist of two periods of fifty minutes with a ten-minute break in between. Your English class will always start at the same time. Each payment represents a four-week period.

SMALL GROUPS (with a maximum of 11)

The maximum, but certainly not the average. This ensures we get more involved in your learning and attend to the needs of each student. Dynamic and amusing classes, communication, interaction and a great atmosphere among pupils are fundamental to the learning process.


Thanks to our flexible plans, if you are unable to attend a class at your regular assigned class time, where possible, you will be able to attend another class and make up for lost class hours.


Every student is tested before being given a free class. This allows us to place you in the group most appropriate so as to achieve the best results. Your free class is the perfect opportunity to sample our methodology and ethos.









Our Head of Infant and Junior Linguistic Development, a highly qualified bilingual teacher with experience in all the related fields in Spain, also gained international experience in the United Kingdom, where through the Montessori methodology she has developed early language immersion programs. Didactic expertise and years of experience and passion for teaching are combined with vigour and panache for the perfect start to the exciting journey of learning a new language in the most natural way.


Level A1 is for the absolute beginner. What a wonderful place to start! Lots of questions that need answers and all the enthusiasm of those who start a new adventure!

Classes at this level focus on making you speak from the beginning using simple phrases, vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, and beginners reading.


Level A2 is for beginners with some experience, someone who has learned the fundamental structures and is prepared to start using them naturally.
Classes at this level focus on comprehension, oral communication, pronunciation, reading, written composition and initiation into listenings exercises. We will thus pave the way on your personal journey to achieve greater academic goals in the English language.


The B1 level is for users with greater confidence in the use of language, capable of communicating using different verb tenses and transmitting ideas in a simple way. The mix of basic and intermediate difficulty topics is the perfect place for those who have already acquired basic knowledge but lack practice and/or for those who want to continue advancing and achieve greater academic goals in the English language.
Professionally the B1 certifies your ability to communicate both orally and in writing and is normally the minimum qualification required when it comes to English.
Classes at this level focus on listening, oral communication, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening exercises. The wide variety of sources used for study combined with the use of different media result in a dynamic and meaningful form of learning.
Exam preparation is available at this level.


The B2 level is for users with confidence in the language, capable of transmitting ideas in the chosen form with a greater selection of vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures as well as the ability to use them as needed. The students at this level begin to communicate in a natural way in the English language, being able to treat and/or to discuss subjects of different difficulty, indicative aspects of a greater competence in the use of the language as well as time invested in its study.
Classes at this level focus on comprehension, oral expression, pronunciation, reading, written composition and listening exercises with a variety of study sources and improvisation exercises using a variety of didactic tools that give way to a dynamic and motivating way of learning.
Exam preparation is available at this level.


C1 is for upper-intermediate level students with language experience. In many occasions someone who already has the B2 certification and who by natural evolution aspires to the next step or students with great knowledge of the language but with lack of practice and fluency looking for the opportune conditions to participate in the deep study of the wonders of the English language. With much more emphasis on choice, variety, frequency and control, a C1 student demonstrates the ability to process and deal with complex ideas and structures in documents and different media without problems.
Classes at this level focus on comprehension, different registers of oral expression, pronunciation, reading, written composition and listening exercises. The combination of the use of different sources and improvisation exercises results in dynamic and enriching learning. The C1 student profile in this school is someone who is passionate about the language and has a clear determination to achieve the goals set, which creates a working atmosphere that can be anything but boring!
Exam preparation is available at this level.


Level C2 is the natural progression for C1 students aspiring to achieve a master’s degree that is unusual for non-native speakers of the language in question. Where a C1 student could pass an English exam and help explain ideas, a C2 student could give the class in place of the teacher. For true linguistic devotees with the desire to be the best and the patience and determination to achieve it.
With a strict entry threshold to level and exam preparation here classes focus on spoken and written eloquence.
Exam preparation is available at this level.